Vine leaf wrapped parcels of salmon with tomatoes on the vine. Easiest way to cook fish is en papillote. Wrap in kitchen paper or foil or banana leaves or vine leaves, season your fish, bake in 180c oven till your digital thermometer says 65c. You got one right? #summercooking #supperclub...
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Grand marnier soufflé @ la couronne restaurant in #rouen. It was here that Julia Child had her life-changing classic french meal. I diverted a little from the Julia Child menu, which was a simple fromage frais, and ordered a tall airy Grand Marnier Snow White soufflé for dessert. Haven’t made...
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Cream cheese and fresh wasabi gyoza. Pan fried and steamed. The freshness of the wasabi means that there was still a vivid heat even after cooking. 🥟#recipe #gyoza #potstickers #vegetarian #wasabi #supperclub
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I ate at @rovi_restaurant a selection of small plates of beautifully cooked vegetables, and non-alcoholic #cocktails #london #restaurants #vegetarian #carousel ➡️slide for the rest of the pictures. #eatingout #ottolenghi
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