I love these bars ❤️ They’re gluten free and sweetened with dates and honey 👍 They are called “Almond, Pistachio & Quinoa Dark Chocolate Bars” but we replace the almonds with cashews because I’m allergic. 🍫 Love when Gary makes these for me 👨‍🍳
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Tuesday’s are my favourite! 🏒 Go Emeralds 💚
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I usually make it until about 10AM and then it’s up in a ponytail.
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Another sweetheart to call me “auntie”! Baby Abi was born early this morning —what a fun and surprising text to wake up to! Big congrats to my sister Jackie and her hubby and the 3 big siblings. Abigail is my 14th niece and she shares a middle name with Nya:...
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