I think this is the first 4 day week that might actually go by quickly! Usually, I feel like they drag on lol. I think it’s because I expect them to be fast and then they aren’t- again with those expectations! 🙅‍♀️ But today is gonna be crazy- interviews all...
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Congratulations to this boy on graduating today!! I’m immensely proud of you and there just aren’t enough words. I love you so much. @mad_micah #coolestlilbroever
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So these girls amaze me. They met twice this year to dream big, challenge each other, make changes and rest. At least that’s what I’m pretty sure they do based off the two times I saw them. I’m so thankful they came back to Austin to see me!! I’ve decided...
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I’m so thankful for the way he loves me. I’ve got so much more to share in regards to yesterday’s post. I’m praying my vulnerability helps you as much as it helps me. Thank y’all for all the love yesterday and sharing with me as well. 💗 #hannahblackphotography #hananthadventures
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