Your baby wears diapers all day long, so nothing is more important than how it feels against your baby’s skin. The Huggies Cute Kids tip of the day tells you why you should choose HUGGIES! #CuteKids #Huggies #massydistributionbarbados
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At 4:30 this afternoon the Barbados Meteorological Services issued a severe weather statement for Barbados. An approaching tropical wave with axis now near 49/50°W and associated with the remnants of Tropical Depression Kirk, will begin to affect Barbados late tomorrow into Thursday. (link in profile) #meandmynation #yournewsyourtimeyourway #ilovemynation246 #nationbarbados #Nation246
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Our mission is to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals and maximize the health benefits of your exercise. Most people are not here to become professional athletes, bodybuilders, or fitness models, and we fully understand that. It is our responsibility to provide you with the facility, equipment, instruction, and motivation...
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There needs to be a zero tolerance approach in fighting the rising epidemic of overweight and obese children. (link in profile) #meandmynation #yournewsyourtimeyourway #ilovemynation246 #nationbarbados #Nation246#Nation246Youth
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Melissa Browne is a finalist in the Ashley Furniture/ Smart Homes Magazine Design Challenge in association with Harris Paints. Here is a look behind the scenes at the space which secured her spot in the finals. Throughout the week Melissa and the other two finalists will be hard at work...
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NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania − Bill Cosby was sentenced to between three and ten years in prison on Tuesday for sexually assaulting a woman, capping the once-beloved comedian’s downfall from “America’s Dad” to convicted felon. (link in profile) #meandmynation #yournewsyourtimeyourway #ilovemynation246 #nationbarbados #Nation246
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