Although we had to explain what this means, my mom was the GOAT today at Willoughby 5k! First place in her age group on a super hot day. So proud of her!
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Instead of doing a turkey trot or a run streak this holiday season, I’ve decided to get to my next @onepeloton milestone - 150 rides - by January 1. Today was ride 122/150 - a tough 30 minute tabata ride with @alextoussaint25. #onepeloton #spinstreak #IRun4Molly
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Check out our little kitty family of 5 at @greenmonstercats. (I call my house the Green Monster because it’s painted a horrible shade of green) all cats - all the time. #siamesecat #siamesekitten #instacat #lynxpointkitten #tabbycat #showmeyourkitties #crazycatlady
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Our new little friends are starting to feel more at home! Oliver is definitely a lover and his sister is a ferocious little beast. (Still working on a name for her) #lynxpointsiamese #instacat #siamesecat #crazycatlady #lynxpointkitten
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