Remember these??? I’m feeling a little throwback is necessary!!! If you want to participate, just use the template ( pic # 2) and write what you’re currently up to on it and post!!! Be sure to hashtag it #ohboycurrently so everyone can see it!!!!
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You know when someone asks you... If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life... what would it be??? This is mine!!! crabmeat rangoons from my favorite family owned restaurant ❤️Dragon Lake❤️ well now if I have to only eat one thing the rest of my...
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It’s only official when it’s on the marquee!!!
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We had a very long weekend of hockey in Dallas... he’s exhausted (slept the entire 5 hour drive home)... we are super proud of how he played this weekend... we had two games (won them both) and a scrimmage against a higher level team (lost in a controversial shootout).
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