Remember when Kim K got PRP done? We offer this “Vampire Facelift” treatment here in our studio. It’s a combination treatment that uses Microneedling along with our Amniofix (Stem Cells). Microneedling causes minor controlled injuries to the skin and the Amniofix heals the wounds, tightening collagen along the way leaving...
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Did you know that we offer same day Gynecology appointments? Call us to schedule your annual exam with Dr. Carole Neuman! 904-493-6963✨
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We believe in aging gracefully... laser hand resurfacing gets rid of sun spots and wrinkles (tell-tale aging signs) on your hands. Three 5 minute treatments is all it takes, you’ll even see results after the first treatment. ✨ #itsthelittlethings #aginggracefully Call 904-493-6963 to schedule an appointment!
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Because every day should be Mother’s Day!! 💕💆🏻‍♀️
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