No make up, no problem. Syira sendiri pun sometimes malas nak make up. But no worries because i've had this one. All in one. Jaga skin, dalaman & milk booster🍑🍑 . Will be blog soon❤ . #minyakkelapadaradaura
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Get well soon baby ibu😗 #jadigatalgatalpulak
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Whatever it is, I choose to stay 💔
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Hi👋 Dah makan malam ke? Alhamdulillah kalau sudah. Btw, my lip matte is from @imhannahlife in pink colour 💗 - 💄Contain shea butter & vitamin E that moisturise lips and also prevent wrinkles lips 💄Contain olive oil that would nourish lips 💄Available in two colours - nude & pink -...
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