These precious humans get married tomorrow and I CAN’T EVEN WAIT A LITTLE BIT! Gear ready ✔️ Outfit picked ✔️ Candies + bath + Parenthood about to commence ✔️ Just a little self care ritual before big days. 😂 Photogs - how do y’all pregame before wedding days? I’ll also...
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Today self care looks like lit candles, an unmade bed, scrambled eggs for lunch, collecting little pretties for a wedding tomorrow, lavender sprigs on my table just because they make me happy, and this one. Always this one 🐶💜
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Beautiful Lora ✨
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One minute you’re eleven and floating down the Rio Frio in old kayaks with flowers in your hair pretending to be Pocahontas and the next you’re standing in the middle of a herd of ridiculously pretty children all belonging to those same cousins from your one piece, long braid, oversized...
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