By 29 I thought surely I’ll have myself all figured out. Turns out the older I get, the more I see I really don’t know myself fully...(#enneagram3 lol). So now it’s like this reverse freedom affect - the more I see how I’ve been striving to check off boxes, the...
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We’re really enjoying our last day of lake-cation week, but I can’t help but think about these two and their Round Top wedding next Saturday!! Eeeeeeeeek I can’t wait! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
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favorite place, favorite fluffy face
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Kenton and I are enjoying a little stay-cation at the lake and here are just a handful of things I’ve learned this week: 1) coral snakes will wait until you’re basically on top of them to move 🤭😬 2) Bowie is a fantastic kayak buddy, though he does make you...
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