Icy cool palette stripped of color for a Monday decorated with tiny snowflakes outside! Something feels almost perfect when it’s visually unexpected causing a delightful stillness... time almost frozen. The world outside gets quiet and allows a creative thinking to flow inside! #interiordecor #exteriordecor #seasonaltrending #fashionforecast @akinvail
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A balanced space of modern-traditional... a balanced place of stylish-peace! One of my favorites in the works! :))) #stylishliving #fashionforward #charmingspaces #interiordecor #europeanflavor #justgettingstarted Is it Friday? ;)
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Simple and polished design doesn’t require a heavily decorated room! Actually works in the reverse.... simply highlighting and reflecting the true beauty, the quality, and the history of each piece! There is a story told through visible craftsmanship, irreplaceable characteristics, richly stained surfaces, waxed to perfection, and well lit! #antiquelover...
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Someone just asked if this was me?! ;) 🦋 Perhaps! Lol All in the way you wear it and SEE it! So.... Yes, it is me! ;) And SJP’s caption reads, “ .... a reason to wear this dress and a day to celebrate!” I’m in!!! ;) 🏙. #highendfashion #citygirl...
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