Don’t have any idea how to slay your style? Well, don’t worry. We got your back! Tips: #Style your everyday look with a touch of batik to look stunning✨ Indocraft 2019 The Craftsmanship of Indonesia #indocraft #batik #craft #ootdidea Source: pinterest
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[INDOCRAFT 2019: THE CRAFTMANSHIP OF INDONESIA] Calling out all tenants! Coming this year, Debindo presents it’s 16th exhibition for gifts and handicrafts industry in Indonesia on the 30 October - 3 November 2019. Gathering hundreds of leading handicrafts suppliers, manufacturers, and professionals in arts and crafts work, Indocraft Expo offers...
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The rate of women leader has risen steadily since 2014. Let’s get to know the influential women in Batik Industry. 1. Esti Kriswandari - Batik Esti Collection Solo Esti Kriswandari is the women behind Batik Esti Collection Solo which is the best batik production in Solo. This enterprise has established...
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“From Parang to Kawung, hundreds of batik designs will be showcased at Indocraft 2019. Enjoy the experience this November. Indocraft The Craftsmanship of Indonesia #indocraft #batik #accessories
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