We had such a blast this past weekend! Thank you Codari Dance Company for having us. Get ready for our next social on Friday, March 29th at 10pm. Tickets are available at www.yamulee.com . Type "yes" if you love Paloma. ❤ #social #dancing #performers #showtime #newyork #salsa #yamuleedancecompany
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Here's an example of a fun time at Yamuleé....yea!!!! All level Shines and Partnerwork tonight at 7pm. Dancers: @guggiebedancing @anneelise24 ******Tickets to the Yamuleé Social this Saturday, April 20th are online now at www.yamulee.com*****
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Wednesdays at Yamuleé get crazy! Spinning Technique at 7pm and Advanced Shines and Partnework at 8pm. Join us tonight! Dancers: @rene_esquea @_leamarie.x ****Deadline for $12 tickets to the Yamuleé Social is 3pm on Saturday. Get your tickets online at www.yamulee.com*****
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#Repost @bignysalsafestival (@get_repost) ・・・ @adolfoindacochea @amneris.martinez Attending, Teaching, & Performing Memorial Day Weekend at The Hilton Midtown Hotel! #letsgotonyc Register for your passes and hotel at www.bigsalsafestivalny.com. #big #bigny #bigsalsafestival #salsadancing #mambo #latinfestival #ny #newyorkstylesalsa
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