Revolver Action, Test 1: Considering buying a Turkish 410ga Revolver Shotgun? Try this simple test before you buy... Cock the hammer back slowly (simulating a hunting scenario) and once the hammer is fully cocked back, see if there is any play in the cylinder or if it’s out of alignment...
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One more share for the day. Enjoying the outdoors and watching the Rainbows swim up stream. Spring time in Canada is a glorious thing! @triggerwholesale #canadianhunter #canadianshooter #canadianangler #stockingdistributor
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Happy Easter Weekend to our family, friends, Dealers and Vendors far and wide! JUST A NOTE THAT TWI IS CLOSED MONDAY FOR EASTER! Best wishes to everyone and your families!! #mondayoff #vacation #stockingdistributor #triggerwholesale #gun #guns #gunlife #gunsdaily #gunsofinstagram #canadianhunter #canadianshooter
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Over the past 10 years of business we have been called a lot of things... comments have ranged from being true to outright lies but the 2 comments that I have enjoyed the most are when we are called disruptive and aggressive. We love what we do and today we...
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