Its a beautiful day and I took the chance to walk around this pretty park. The much needed sunshine is a blessing Ive taken for granted a lot before and now Im thankful for even a glimpse of it. Such is the realization Hes showing me day to day. 🤗🤗🤗
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Its a scenic piece of landscape that is equally stunning and dangerous at the same time. They say a lot of ships had crashed along its rocky shore due to miscalculation along with bad weather. #pemaquidpointlighthouse
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My mistake. The first lighthouse I posted was Porthead Lighthouse. This one was from Cape Elizabeth. Both are stunning in its own right. Im blown away by the locals willingness to keep it up. #capeelizabeth
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As a child I read in books the ligthouses that have helped alot of sailors in the western seas and I would try to paint a picture of those scenes in my mind. But to see them in action and in actuality is truly amazing and mesmerizing. The paintings cannot...
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