Not Dumbo. 😁 Its spring but for me its a combination of that and winter. Hence the outfit. I could have been perfect but the wind is ruining it for me. Its ok though its pretty otherwise, plus spending time with hubby is worth the hair-tanggling wind..
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Remembering that unexpected thrill felt at the summit when hubby surprised me with slightly challenging hike up the mountain. Even though its only 1373ft in elevation the excitement in seeing Gods creation from the top is enough to say its been worth it...and where to next?? 😁😁 . . ....
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Hubby is escalating his photography skills. This lighthouse is beautiful and good thing we came at the right time when there were less people around. It was a rocky walk wearing summer shoes but its all worth it. 😁 . . . . . #springpoint #springpointledge #springpointlighthouse #mainelighthouse #maineart #maine...
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Its a scenic piece of landscape that is equally stunning and dangerous at the same time. They say a lot of ships had crashed along its rocky shore due to miscalculation along with bad weather. #pemaquidpointlighthouse
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