You know what I love seeing? Awesome Baba's in action. Here's to all the wonderful dads out there that don't just "baby-sit" 🎉 . #PhotosWithRUH #FamilyLifestylePhotography #DontForgetDada
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Hiya lovely ladies! Just popping in to let y'all know I'm still here 🙃🙋🏽‍♀️ and that I missed you guys!!! . I took a little low-key break here during Ramadan and am slowly working my way back to the real world (post-Ramadan blues are real, folks!). This Ramadan has been...
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May the joy ya'll feel only keep multiplying! You best believe you're all in my Ramadan duas 🖤 . Also, I'm SO super excited for all the new babies I'll get to hold and love this summer! Woohoo! Baby szn is upon us. . #PhotosWithRuh #GenderReveal
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Just 48 hours new to this big wide world! Parenting Pro Tip: When the going gets tough, remind yourself that your baby is also new to this whole "life" thing. They're trying to figure it out, just like you, and that they can't really express anything they're feeling/experiencing in any...
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