Love it when an outfit you literally threw together perfectly coordinates. Some of the best ootds are done at 6am in the dark 😝ðŸĪĢ
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Life's a beach ⛱ïļ . Notice my Monday shirt... Not lying when I tell is what gets me though EVERYTHING ☕😂
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ðŸŒļI love that Cherry Blossoms tend to bloom around the world at the same time. This one is blooming by my car but I've seen posts this week of them blooming in Japan, Amsterdam and Canada. . We might be far away from one another, but our lives aren't so...
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The hubby and I were both off for Good Friday, so naturally we went out for drinks !! 😝ðŸđ . . The moments in life that don't seem like much are the ones you'll look back on in the future. When life gives you an opportunity for one treat yourself!!...
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