I would like to introduce the Mystic Rose Facial Masque! This is a cleansing clay facial mask. It does have a cream soap base so it will wash off easy. 🌹 This beauty has rose clay, which is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Rose clay is said...
by mysticwinterco 1 month ago | via Instagram

Yes! You will be able to get most of your favorites products in my new summer fragrance! I will be bring back the Moon Cream only in the summer fragrance. β˜€οΈ Launching June 5th!!
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Nature at its finest. Days like this get my mind and creativity going! Wonder that ideas I will come up with today. 🌧 Enjoy your sunday!
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Some beautiful dried organic Calendula [marigold] flowers. These will be used in a future project! It will be a small project as it can be an allergen for some. 🏡 Calendula is such a great ingredient, its said to help sooth eczema, aid in healing wounds and even relieve diaper...
by mysticwinterco 1 month ago | via Instagram