It's that time of the year where family and friends gather to celebrate Eid which also means its time to shop at @shopee_my, where you can get almost anything and everything. I've recently got these colourful measuring cups which is perfect for baking or cooking for the festivities from Shopee...
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It's 2.30 pm, I'm in a meeting and someone popped the million dollar question, "Any nice place we can have some drinks and maybe dinner while going through this proposals? " Brilliant, just brilliant because 6 months ago I wouldn't have the answer. Today I do. "Why don't we carry...
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We both use to be in a relationship with Alcohol. Now we are in a relationship with each other. ๐Ÿ˜ . . #GaylenKasai #khngh #relationshipsgoals
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I don't get drunk, I just get less classy and more fun . . #GaylenKasai
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