With only 10 days until Mothers Day, the range and quality of this years chrysanthemums is simply stunning. The distinct fragrance of chrysanthemums is synonymous with giving these flowers to our mums. #seasonalblooms #chrysanthumums #mothersday #giveflowers #saythankyou #mothers #florists
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Kohlrabi - This crisp nutritious veggie is stepping into the spotlight this winter. Super-healthy, it’s from the same family as cabbage, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts. Kohlrabi is high in dietary fibre and vitamin C. It is crunchy like broccoli stems and tastes similar to sweet mild turnip. At its...
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HOW TO COOK AND EAT GLOBE ARTICHOKES The globe artichoke is a stunning vegetable with a unique, sweet and subtle flavour. It has a reputation for being tricky to prepare but delicious to eat. Artichokes have three parts; the outer leaves, the "heart" and the "choke". The fuzzy choke is...
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Just a reminder that Sydney Markets will be closed on Monday 10 June. No #growersmarket No #flowermarket No #wholesalefruit&veg #nswpublicholiday #Longweekend #queensbirthdayholiday
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