I thought Thomas was my twin. As it turns out, Harry is my replica! 🤣 this is us this morning, both sore and tired, both needed each other. 💙 If you want to be anything today, BE KIND. #loveyouall #bekindalways #harrybear🐻
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I watch him and he’s absolutely a chatter. He’s kicking and looking amazed by everything he sees. He coos and sighs and then call for me. He’s 10weeks old and 3 days and he’s home with us and playing. At this age, his Kuya Thomas was being prepped for surgery...
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10 weeks in with our beautiful 🐻 It has been beautiful albeit exhausting. My grief has shifted and all of sudden I’m left re-calibrating my understanding of myself and my family. Harry birthed a different mother and I’m slowly getting to know her again. #lifeafterloss #lifeafterarainbowbaby #thisisHarry🐻 📸by @sarebearadair Please...
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Five. Here’s to more years together @jaybeedraws 👁💙U 📸: @andrewkohphoto #weddinganniversary #onetruelove
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