Our MILK-N-COOKIES is a chocolate chip cake, topped with vanilla buttercream, fudge drizzle and then topped with stuffed cookies!!! 😋Wednesday in May! 🥛 & 🍪’s
by smallcakesgarland 2 months ago | via Instagram

Banana Fosters! 😍 This is a banana rum cake topped with a caramel buttercream and caramel drizzle. Don’t miss out on this one ... it’s a new Thursday special in July.
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Lemon Coconut...Lemon Coconut Cake topped with Coconut Lemon Cream Cheese , Coconut pieces and a fresh lemon slice! #Smallcakesgarland
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Golden Oreo!! Vanilla bean cake with crushed golden Oreos, topped with cream cheese, mallow cream drizzle, golden Oreo crumbs and a golden cookie. Wow, just when you thought normal oreos were delicious. Come try this one!
by smallcakesgarland 3 days ago | via Instagram