Hyvää yötä ja kauniita unia 💭🌱💭🌱💭 Good night and sleep tight! It's not cold outside, but sheep hide is still so comfy to sit with a cup of warm tea. I try to go to bed instead of wandering around the garden dreaming, planning and wondering how to have more...
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Hyvää juhannusviikon alkua 🌿🌿🌿 Happy beginning of midsummer week! Short, but busy week ahead and then it is time to celebrate midsummer and the nightless night. I decided to dedicate the whole week to midsummer by sharing pics with "midsummer rose" (this is what it's called in Finnish or Finnish...
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Tämä ihana kesä 🍃🌼🍃☀️🍃🌼🍃 This lovely summer! I slept late and have then enjoyed the sun on our balcony. Lazy day, maybe I will get something done later on.. Happy, sunny Sunday darlings🤗 . . . #flowersofinstagram #mygarden #country_stilllife #gardenlife #heart_imprint #rusticdecor #cozyliving #momentsofmine #alliseeispretty
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Kivaa perjantaita instakamut ✨🌼✨🌼✨ Happy Friday instagrammers! What a week, a lot of work done this week, so happy to welcome the weekend! The best part is that our kids come back from granny's💛 . . . #flowers #stilllife_perfection #countryhomedecor #lantligt #still_life_mood #cozyliving #country_stilllife #alliseeispretty
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