Officially 28 Weeks today 🤰🏻, using a throwback pic from 3 weeks plus ago. Can’t wait for the little one to arrive 😘 • Image credits to baby sis @bjeanchua Boba plushie from @littlebigyarn#bumpfie #ootdblee
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<> • Do you love honey in your skincare product? Introducing Cellise, the FIRST Ionized Honey Serum in market!!! • What I ❤️LOVE❤️: 💕Its key ingredient is Manuka Honey Enzyme, mild but effective! 💕Multipurpose- reduce fine lines on lips, eyes and face. (Fine lines reduction needs to...
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A must-post moment, recording baby’s first trip overseas! 🤰🏻 • Thank you for this wonderful shot 美女 @sherryleee 😘 • #ootdblee #travelling #bumpfie #29w5d
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(Blog Update) • All about The NEW @johnsonsbabymy up in my blog! Their new formula have cut out loads of ingredients that parents dislike. Here we have the most gentle baby series for their delicate and developing skin. • Now available at all major retail outlets nationwide starting June 2019!...
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