If you are a woman business owner and you don't yet have a profile on @shineregistry what are you waiting for? Ask for what you need, like you would on a wedding registry, except for your business! Thank you @ewazlak for being the brains behind this beautiful platform.
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Car maintenance workshop on Saturday! 🚙 Meet us outside the @macmakr (7800 Susquehanna) at 10am for Jump Your Car, Change Your Tire. Check out the event calendar on our site (link in bio) for more details or DM us if you have any questions.
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Had so much fun at tonight’s Zine Making workshop 👏 Thank you to our instructor Steph and to all who attended. Swipe through and check out our story for more pics from tonight.
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Just a quick snapshot from today’s open house. We’ve had a bunch of great visitors in and out today 😎 If you’re interested in visiting Prototype and taking a tour you have until 4pm!
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