Why does every “girl boss” feel qualified to be my guru? I get it, you feel impassioned about a quote you read and a “business” you’re building and now you want to tell everyone else how to live their life. This space is sacred friends. I don’t let every person...
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My first #frosé experience fueled my work sesh this morning and it was everything I hoped it would be. Are you a fan? 👌
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Your success is up to YOU. Not your spouse, your boss or your circumstances. Fear will tell you to hush up and settle down but FAITH will urge to trust your Creator and pursue your ferocious ambitions. I coach women to own their potential with audacious expectations and I’m currently...
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Audacious faith yields audacious results. If other people don’t think you’re crazy, you aren’t believing hard enough. ⚡️ 📷: @mirandacheneyphotography
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