Within Rodan Fields, we have access to some of the most amazing trainers that are the top earners in the company! Last week I listened to a training by Jim Larsen who is freaking awesome ???????? Him and his wife used to be nurses. They found themselves
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Have you had #friedtakoyaki? I did, first time, but it's not going to be the last one, as I've developed a liking to this sort of takoyaki. . It's crunchy on the outside but true takoyaki inside, less the cabbage. Flavor uplifted with their own wasabi ma
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Photoshoot Book! Memang desain cover nya seperti buku mantra / buku harry potter akan tetapi di dalamnya, plot bait per bait terkandung makna yang dalam nan romantis. _____ #IGersJP #instagramjapan #ig_japan #icu_japan #japan_of_insta #indies_gram #kf_
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Delicioso burguer de quinoa e grão com especiarias e ervas aromáticas ???? A salada completou esta linda, saudável e nutritiva refeição ???? Burguer Vegetal feito por mim com a ajuda das minhas mãozinhas ❤ Receita do Burguer Vegetal de quinoa e grão: tri
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