BLOGGED! I had an amazing weekend escape with @travelokamy and last month at @kljournal. Read about it on my blog! . . #tvlkescape2017 #butterflymsia #travelokamy #thejournalhotel
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Soaking the weekend sun ☀️⠀
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Sunset by me ???????? Šťastie je ako mozaika malých radostí????...nechápem ľudí, ktorí sa nevedia tešiť z maličkostí a stále čakajú, že sa im tie "veľké veci" udejú bez akejkoľvek snahy...???? #kosice #slovakia #slovakgirl #sunset #natgeo #golf #instaart
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Je vous montre la planche shopping finale pour ma cliente et son salon au style chalet contemporain. J'avais partagé il y a quelques semaines la 1ère version de la planche qui a évolué au fur et à mesure de nos échanges. #deco #decorationinterieure #inte
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Happy Sunday peeps! ???? Yesterday was a total success, we officially finished rebricking the fireplace which I’m totally stoked about because we’ve pretty much been at a stand still waiting to get the holes repaired. So after we finished we headed over a
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