//STRANGERS/ Went to Quiapo and decided to take some portraits of random strangers. It was really challenging but fun at the same time. And yes I experienced getting rejected but that's part of the process and something you should really expect. If you're
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Na Malásia mas com o coração na Tailândia! Eu e ele, o paraíso, ele se pondo, ele nascendo... misericórdia que viagem!!! Desconectamos para conectarmos! Levamos lembranças que só a memória nos permitirá recordar, como por exemplo nadar na escuridão em mei
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おはよう!ポ太郎だよ???? 今日はエントランスに来たよ〜! どの飲み物飲もうかなあ〜? . #instagood #instadiary #リラックスルーム #キャラクター #fivegate #ファイブゲート #企業 #受付スペース #japan #diary #phot #photography #オフィス #office #テレビ
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[VIENNOISERIE DE LA SEMAINE] Elle est signée @letempsetlepain où je me suis rendu dans la semaine. Un pain au chocolat au feuilletage incroyable, vraiment du beau travail ! ???????? Néanmoins, une texture un peu trop briochée à mon goût et une légère sous
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