Antusias warga usai bersantap sahur menyaksikan tayangan dari @netmediatama #nettv Program #tv #saliha yang sangat bagus dan berfaedah ???? #televisi #television #media #indonesia #meeowhouse #penitipankucing #groomingkucing #catlover #pecint
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So somebody got too close to the water's edge on our hike last week... Tip for hiking with kids - always bring a change of clothes! I had an extra pair of pants for her but hadn't thought to bring an extra shirt. Luckily it was a warm day, so...
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Current status: watching dumb movies, cleaning the apartment and doing laundry and eating this huge bowl of veggies and falafel ???? after weeks of studying, I need a break, and this falafel salad plus Shrek on Netflix (don’t judge!) is the perfect cure.
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¿Pensais que estamos en temporada de fresas o que no? . . Para que no haya dudas al respecto con este y otros muchos alimentos, hoy en el blog he publicado un artículo donde os cuento el proyecto #soydetemporada de @medialabprado. . . Están elaborando cal
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