Zbliżenie na kolekcje #holo Od lewej Efekt Holo Green, Efekt Holo Blue, Efekt Holo Indigo, Efekt Holo Pink, Efekt Holo Violet, Efekt Holo Royal Gold, Efekt Holo Copper,mEfekt Holo Brown @indigonails ______________ #paznokcie #paznokciehybrydowe #indigo
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Someone loves me working from home more than I do. He follows me around and cries to snuggle at the end of the day when I leave my desk. He is also the reason I have to scroll for the best filter to hide the excess cat hair on this...
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Iguane ???????????? (???? @olivier_durieu ) _ Guadeloupe ???? ???? (Caribbean - F.W.I) _ FEATURE TAG: #madeinguadeloupe _ _ _ #Guadeloupe #Guadeloupeislands #caribbean #instadaily #travel #amazing #beautiful #island #decouvrirensemble #bonjour #landscap
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????Hey friends ???? I hope you are enjoying your weekend ????today I am in the mood for colour with the German #vogue June 2018, my vogue colouring book and some colourful requisites that I am using from time to time and which are getting more and more ?
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