Feeling the love today from my favorites. To all the mommas. To those who are and who want to be. To those who have lost. To those who struggle. To those who mother babies from another mother. To those with good relationships and to those with troubled. 
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So, yesterday was my birthday! I’m 21, again. ???? Hubby had the great idea to take a pictorial scavenger hunt/nature walk. So we made a list, we grabbed our phones/ipods, and went around the neighborhood. Here are a few things on our list, can you spot ‘
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Dopo un intenso lavoro di restauro Palazzo Merluana di Roma torna a risplendere con una mostra sull'arte italiana del Novecento. L'edificio, collocato in zona Esquilino, noto quartiere poco raccomandabile, é diventato parte di un progetto di rivalutazione
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???? ???? ???????????? via @blanche_yu
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