For work or play you can wear these shoes any day! #cloud #aika #shoes
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"Todo dia, cada homem tem uma escolha. Entre o certo e o errado, entre o amor e o ódio, às vezes, entre a vida e a morte. É a soma dessas escolhas constitui sua vida". Bom dia, ????
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Okay, you guys, this is not a traditional lunch: it's more like breakfast or a snack, but it's as thick as ice cream and just as tasty. Just eat a bit more than this though, otherwise you'll get pins and needles in your tummy. Ask me how I know this....
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fun fashion collage done by Lama Ayed ‎كلاس اليوم ممتع عن الكولاج ..الكولاج فن ممتع ويساعد على التركيز والاسترخاء جربوه ‎الأدوات : ‎مجلة ‎مقص ‎صمغ ‎???????? واستمتعي ‎كمصممة أزياء يساعدك في الاستلهام وتطلع لك أفكار وألوان ماتتوقعينها والاهم من هذا تغذية
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