“Thursday’s @thehill newspaper carried a disturbing but not unexpected article related to funding for the arts in the incoming administration. The article said that policy advisors to the President are calling for the elimination of the National Endowment
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ich komm mit ner Flasche Wein auf deine Party und trink sie allein aus #otp #weinmeineersteliebe
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Jeigu kadanors jums teko nusipirkti daugelio išgirtą ir išpopuliarintą produktą, o jis jums visai nepatiko - mano naują įrašą tikrai suprasite! ☺ Pasakoju apie populiarus produktus, kurie patinka daugeliui, bet nepatinka man???????? besameapzvalgos.lt ???
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Pollo al horno with arroz mamposteao (yellow rice mixed with beans) from Bebo’s Cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can choose your own side dish such as arroz congri (rice with black beans), tostones (fried plantains), or amarillos (sweet plantains).
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