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暑假梗係去玩餐飽! 迪士尼必然被列入為暑假重要節目,今年香港迪士尼樂園特別呈獻「Pixar水花大街派對!」~今年嘅水花派對係升級派對,特別加入《反斗奇兵》和《海底奇兵》全新噴水花車,水力強大,必定濕身~ 一邊噴水????一邊笑????一邊驚????一邊尖叫???? 天氣咁熱,玩水就最開心! <反斗奇兵4>????????‍♂️今期咁hit,成個迪士尼都係佢地嘅玩具精品!真係好想帶哂返屋企呀! 我地仲同胡迪牧羊女集郵,牧羊女仲抱抱皮皮,超冧❤️ Blog 多圖、更多分享???????? https:
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Tattoo by @greenydraws ???? ???? Tattoo Passion Shop ???? Décorateurs de peaux à Thonon depuis 2005 : 14 ans d'expérience, ça fait toute la difference ;-) ???? Tatouage, piercing, bijoux, fringues et taxidermie ???????? Tattoo Passion organise le salon du
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Lovely afternoon with these ladies eating the good foods and drinking the good drinks and getting all sorts of ideas from all the Parade of Homes houses... thanks to our husbands for handling the kids for us!
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