PILLOLA DI CURIOSITÂ ???? ????????Una storia di amicizia e collaborazione professionale iniziata in modo davvero eccentrico: Bob Wilson e Marina Abramovíc???????? «Nel 1971 ero a una conferenza stampa a Belgrado e Marina era tra il pubblico. Qualcuno mi f
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So I’ve been watching some of my friends’ stories from around the country today, and I can’t believe how cold it is everywhere! ❄️❄️ I vow never to say I’m cold in our 65 degree weather ever again! ???? . I’m curious though... Where do you live and what w
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WAT JOMKHAOMANILAT TEMPLE BOKEO PROVINCE, LAO PDR First step up to visit Wat Jomkhaomanilat temple, built in 1880. Located on the mountain top in the center of Houai Xay town, it is a holy place that is worshipped by all people in the area, especially on
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