Smiling is our favorite with Christmas only a day away!
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Well, I’m only like 2 weeks late in posting this (it’s been a little crazy over here, okay?!), but... We officially moved into our first home! ???? ???????? Since our move-in date, we’ve locked ourselves out twice, eaten at a lot of the nearby restaurants
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Morning. My name's @snackophagus but you can call me Chris. Today I'm taking over the @visit Liverpool_ Instagram to share some pictures of our lovely city with you and hopefully brighten up your Monday a little bit -- but just a bit, it is still Monday a
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Lecture, lecture... ???? Après m'avoir fait faux bond pendant quelques longues semaines, et grâce à "Maybe Someday", la lecture fait à nouveau partie de mon quotidien. Et quel bonheur de pouvoir me plonger à nouveau dans ces histoires et de voyager sans
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