¡Hola! Hoy os enseño mi producto estrella y el que destaca por encima del resto. Es este contorno de ojos de @freshlycosmetics y aunque me encanta la marca porque son productos naturales, es increíble el efecto que tiene este contorno, de verdad que he no
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The most well known, luminous and iconic room of the Peleș Castle, in Romania, is the Hall of Honour (Holul de Onoare), with its walls lined with carved wood panels, a stained glass ceiling and a wonderful spiral staircase that seems to be suspended on ai
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✴︎ . 田中龍二医師⚾️❤️ @sbc_ryujitanaka . お客様満足度がかなり高い田中先生は、 二重だけでなく、鼻・脂肪吸引・豊胸 などなど幅広く活躍されてる先生です???? . 夏休みのこの期間 ぜひご予約お待ちしております???? . ・ 池袋東口院ドクターの症例写真は➡️ @ikebukuroeast_photo ・ ????‍⚕️ドクターインスタグラム????‍⚕️ 古澤医師(院長) @sbc_furusawa1978 新明医師(技術指導医) @sbc_shinmyo 田中医師 @
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BEAUTY IN CHAOS : Despite the territorial conflict that has been going on since the partition of India in 1947, the mesmerising landscapes remain untouched. Kashmir has been dubbed as the “Paradise on Earth” “Switzerland of the East” among many others. I
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