Some days are just HARD, but there is hope in tomorrow. — — — Jak Wam minął dzisiejszy dzień? Mi tragicznie... praktycznie od samego rana... może jutro będzie lepiej. Teraz tylko herbata, koc i książka????☺️ #goodnight . . . . #photography #photographer
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Whether your makeup is glitter or matte, the outside of your cosmetic bag will always be sparkly! This zipper bag is addictive: the multi-directional sequins can be brushed into designs and patterns. So FUN!⠀ ⠀ #pouch #cosmeticbag #cosmetics #sequins #gli
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こんにちはーー(^O^) 今日は秋晴れでしたね♪ たくさんの生徒さんが今日もNOAに足を運んでくれました(^^)/ というわけで、今日は磯部佳世子先生のストレッチヨガのレッスンにお邪魔します!!! 凝り固まった身体をほぐしたい方にオススメのレッスンです!! ヨガマットに寝てゆっくり一つずつ筋肉をほぐしていきます。 身体が硬い方も、運動が苦手な方も、疲れすぎていて何もしたくない方も、どんな方でもオススメですよ\(^o^)/ 磯部先生が優しく丁寧にレッスンを進めて下さるのでヨガが全く初めてで不安の方
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Când îți reînnoieşti fişa la #bibliotecă ???? Pentru că #readingissexy
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The new 2.0 by OnRunning is here! Make sure to stop by and check out these new styles today!  #shoes #running #athletic
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