L’ami @jeremy_fatneedle est de retour chez Tattoo Passion du 20 au 24 mars ! Foncez au shop pour booker votre RDV !!! ???? Tattoo Passion Shop ???? Décorateurs de peaux à Thonon depuis 2005 : 13 ans d'expérience, ça fait toute la difference ;-) ???? Bijou
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Stole a bulldogs jacket... Guess I'm more of a ???? serpent than I realized. Nah, in all seriousness. I remade my crew jacket. Since Riverdale Season 1 was the show that jumpstarted my career in Set Dec and got me to where I am now. I appreciate it in th
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Have you met our WonderWoman Alicja Drzazga? 1. What's your favorite place in Warsaw? Well, the answer to this question is always different and this time around is Powiśle district. Parks for long walks, cool cafes for tea and chilling and finally crazy
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あったかくて . . . しあわせ〜ですね、今日。 . . なのでお昼は テラスちっくな場所でlunch???????? . . 会社のみんながよく利用する #alohatable 会社から徒歩1分!♪ . . ハワイアンで店内もかわい〜です???? パンケーキやロコモコ丼も食べれます♪ . . #笑ジャパン #syohjapan #名古屋 ##栄ランチ #ランチ #ナゴレコ #ロコモコ #モチコチキン #パンケーキ #ハワイアン #ハワイアンカフェ #LUAU #アロハテーブル #hawaii #n
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Reviewed the @Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod I got from @henrysprofessional in Trinoma. Find out if this tech accessory is for you. Visit www.mykikaystuff.com or click the link in my bio ???????? to see the full review. ☺️ . . . . . @jing_baloy @manfrottoimag
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