@baihotel_cebu houses 8 restaurants/cafes in various cuisines and one of them is Cafe Bai. It is currently Cebu's largest all-day dining buffet restaurant which has 400 seating capacity. The resto serves Eastern and Western cuisines, run by both local and
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My new moon in Taurus vibes for this week. My card pull this morning was Justice. GET BALANCED is what it screamed at me ???????? I’ve gotten soooooooo far of track from my self care and my routines. Not that I’ve been neglecting myself....I’ve just been
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Couldn't leave this beauty behind only £5.99 in @tkmaxx ???? ----------------------------------- @illamasqua Rouge à Lèvres lipstick in Salacious ???? ----------------------------------- #illamsqua #illamasquagirls #loveit #perfectforfall #redlip #superc
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