There’s nothing like playing with focal points and finding that you really just nailed your shot on the first go. Shot with my 85mm portrait lens. I don’t usually pull that guy out or even bring it along for travels but I just had a hunch that I’d need it
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明日11/11 (土) 【休講代講情報】新宿校】 石山 沙央理(Dst)16:00〜 代講→藤原 彩香 丸澤 芙由子(Ast)11:00〜 代講→星 なつみ 丸澤 芙由子(Est)14:20〜 代講→宮崎 大樹 津下 麻里亜(Est)12:40〜 代講→宮崎 大樹 伊地知 真波(Dst)17:40〜 代講→鈴木 就子 広瀬 碧(Dst)12:40〜 代講→仲田 直樹 #noaballrtschool #yogastudionoa #ballet #バレエ #dance #hula #huladance
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Did you know that Langston Hughes was only 18 when he wrote the classic American poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers? This is a poem that every child should know, and here is a gorgeous picture book you can use to share it! This poem is so visual that it...
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