“r u done????”
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Evaporation from the mud and water also aids temperature regulation, this is vital because elephants, unlike many mammals, don’t sweat. ????????#elephantmudfun www.bali-zoo.com (Photo: @louiseans) . . #balizoo #balizooconservation #ilovebalizoo #celebrity
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@mattiasterzi is proudly attending the 12th EVIAN TATTOO SHOW, 18 to 20 october 2019, french alps, France ! ????????⛵️☀️????⚓️???? ???????? Have a look at our twin american tattoo convention, held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA > @tahoetattooshow !!! ???? Off
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Today is Work-A-Holic Day, so get a break and enjoy the tropical party ???? ???? Lola has prepared especially for you! So if you are a work-a-holic, we encourage you to break the habit for an unforgettable experience ????????! ???? BOOK NOW (link in bio)
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