Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer. But this I know with all my heart...His wounds have paid my ransom. ✝ Happy Good Friday everyone! #goodfriday #easter #easterweekend
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[Today’s guests] Welcome to #trainhostelhokutosei from all over the world! We enjoy talking with them and taking photos:) The guy who is from #Sweden have traveled more than 20 countries and show us many beautiful pictures! Tokyo is getting warm nowadays!
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. 休日のオフスタイル???????????? オイルとシアバターでクシュっとラフに. ミディアムヘアに毛先外ハネワンカールパーマが都会的な大人の女性を演出してくれる. . ライフスタイルをヘアデザインに✂︎ トップがつぶれてしまう軟毛でもふんわりボリュームを. . . style @makimuraoka make @kana_0554 #luxy #luxyhair #luxyperm
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