Surfer, @wsilliman, is catching the waves and surfing in Florida with ease while wearing his Groove Ring. We're ready to be out on the water with you! Groove on, Bill ???????? Photo: @wsilliman #groovelife #siliconerings #groovering #surfing #beach
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Happy weekend guys!! Masih ada kesempatan buat foto di Sunflower Festival PVJ. . Bunganya apik-apik bermekaran, banyak kupu-kupu, banyak juga lebah ????????. . Yang pasti, inget, walaupun bisa berfoto dengan bebas jangan sampe ngerusak bunganya yaaaaa, sa
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Push your limits. Step outside your comfort zone. Only then will you find what you are capable of. ???? __________________________________________________ WWW.VITALITYCLOTHING.CO ???????? #TeamVCC #ActiveLifestyle ________________________________________
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I have a love/hate relationship with ❄️❄️❄️. This weekend, I'm not too happy with it -- it's canceled Christmas parties and our moving truck ????. BUT! I'm making the best of it with cookies, hot cocoa, a fire and slice after slice of this Rosemary Cornme
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