Picking the 1st flush of Dragon Well (longjing) tea in Hangzhou, China. Fascinating watching the skilled women deftly picking just the first two leaves and bud off each stem. It's hard work! #tea #teapicking #teapickers #tealover #dragonwell #dragonwel
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#Repost: @findingmyselfhealthy . "Courteney you have done it again! You are an absolute gem I'm loving the new hair ????" . Thanks for sharing Hayley, looking #FAB can't wait to see you next time! . ONLINE BOOKINGS: bit.ly/ellejbookings
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こんにちは!4月に入社したNaoです(^^) 初投稿なので自己紹介させてください!! 僕は岩手県の大槌町という海町で育ちました! 岩手県は魚介と3大麺(冷麺、じゃじゃ麺、わんこそば)が有名な本州最大面積のど田舎県です!笑 家族は父、兄、妹の4人で、お父さんは漁師です!笑 よろしくお願いします!! そして、今日は皆さんにお知らせがあります! 月末にフォームローラーのプレデビューが決定しました♪ ・5/27(日) 17:15-18:15 ・5/28(月) 9:30-10:30 ・5/30(水) 15:30-1
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The Catholic Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik is the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in Croatia. Among other particular features, it has an original frieze with 71 sculptured faces, all different from one another. *viajarporquesi
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