Zadar is one of the most relaxing cities in Croatia. Laid back and not overcrowded with tourists, it is at the same time modern and steeped in history, each street and corner surprising us with a different atmosphere. * #trave
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e ai manos, como que vocês estão? eu to tipo promessa de político, digo que vou voltar a ser mais presente aqui e uma semana depois eu sumo novamente, socorrrooooo ???????? quem mais é assim? Bom fim de domingo procês! ???? . . . . . . . . ....
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Anybody want to sit in for THIS Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? Or Friday and Saturday? Got a couple guys at conventions. If so email or message @pjinaug directly! #allegianceinktattoo #allegianceink #guestspot
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こんにちは! 皆さんにご報告があります! この度、なんと!!! 「海の家 白浜家」の姉妹店として 『浜焼き 白浜家』が 芥屋にオープンします!???? 夏に限らず 春夏秋冬、 海が見える店でBBQを楽しみませんか?♪ 詳しくは 『浜焼き 白浜家』のInstagramを ご覧下さい???? フォローお待ちしております❣️ @hamayaki_shirahamaya #@shirahamaya #@hamayaki_shirahamaya #糸島 #芥屋 #芥屋大門 #海の家 #白浜家 #姉妹店 #オープ
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