Inelele din argint sunt preferatele mele. De altfel fiecare bijuterie din acest metal prețios se naște invaluita în acea aură de mister, cu acele reflexii subtile, elegante, încărcate de energie. În plus argintul se îmbină perfect cu cristalele Swarovski,
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Mahli beach pillows ???? the perfect Christmas gift for any beach babe!???? ❀ The pillows fill with sand for easy transport and instant beach comfort ✨ ❀ Shop the pillows now on #shoplinkinbio ????
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Meet my spirit animal... ???? . . . Zoos never fail to make me hop and twirl like a kid. And one animal I’ve been dying to see is the adorable panda. I’ve bookmarked several videos of these funny, clingy and rather clumsy bears and watch it all night lon
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Theme ryde alert!!! This Sunday April 1st join Judy and Joanne as we kick off the spring season with a high energy sweat fest on the bike! Don't miss out, book your bike tonight! #rvcryde #fitness #workout #ryde #sweatlife #committosomething #goals #makei
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AGNA sættet her i den FLOTTESTE farve med guld prikker er med på PINSE-SALE????✨ Både nederdel og bluse er nedsat med -30% indtil midnat idag????✨ Style til sneaks som her (Disse guld er en limited edition fra Puma jeg har fået forhandlingen af)????✨ Vi s
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