On 25th April 1974 at dawn, a military coup began in Portugal to overthrow the authoritarian regime which dominated my country for nearly 50 years. It later became known as the Carnation Revolution: almost no shots were fired, no one died, and the soldier
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It’s no secret I was having sleep issues at the end of 2017. I’d fall asleep just fine but would wake at 3.30am and toss and turn until I fell back into a deep sleep just before my alarm went off. Nightmare stuff! I’m happy to say things are MUCH...
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Arriva alle Gallerie d'Italia "Arte come rivelazione". Saranno in mostra le opere d'arte contemporanea dei collezionisti Luigi e Peppino Agrati. La loro é una delle collezioni più ricche del Novecento. Impossibile non citare alcuni nomi come Fontana o Bas
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